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The Affordable Care Act: Its Effect Upon Physical Therapy

The Affordable Care Act: Its Effect Upon Physical Therapy — An educational mini-documentary by Josh D’cruz, Tyler Western, and Vince Moraga. This was a project for our KINE 320 (Media and Technology) class at Californ…

Back and Neck Physical Therapy..?

Question by ximperfect.perfectionsx: back and neck physical therapy..?
my doctor informed me yesterday that i need physical therapy on my back and neck..

does anyone know what this is like?
what should i expect?
what should i wear?
should i take any pain medicine before i go?

Area Prep Stars Shine in All-Star Shootout

Area prep stars shine in all-star shootout
On Friday, Fairland's girls and Minford's boys won the titles in the Riverside Physical Therapy Dragons Invitational at Fairland. Chesapeake's Taylor Martin won the 100, 200, 400 and long jump for 40 points. RECORD RUN: Cecil Fletcher, son of former …
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Meniscus Tear: A Pain in the Knee

Meniscus tear: a pain in the knee
By Jerry Moczerniuk, P.T., D.P.T.. I n my previous article I wrote about one of the most common causes of knee pain and disability, knee osteoarthritis. In this article I wanted to discuss another common knee injury, a torn meniscus. Research has shown …
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Physical Therapy?

Question by sam_bb_45: physical therapy?
i was in a car accident and i fractured my ankle and the bone chipped off, i was in a boot for 4 weeks (tomorrow) and i have to get physical therapy because the ligament it tight and my foot doesnt move. What are they going to do? will they move it there or will i be doing what they tell me to? And i heard that your butt can get smaller and i will have to do butt stuff to???