Drugs How Many Kinds Are There?

Question by emm99: drugs how many kinds are there?
How many different kinds of drugs are there?

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Answer by Je t’aime
?Common Drug Types
There are many different types of drugs you should be aware of. Some are prescribed, others are known as club drugs, illicit or illegal substances, and some are called designers drugs. They include:

Cna, Physical Therapy Aide, or Phlebotomy?

Question by greeneyedlady: cna, physical therapy aide, or phlebotomy?
im going to take a course in the medical field and i cant decide on which one. any info about the courses or personal experience is appreciated.

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Answer by davely e
i would rather go to physical therapy aide than be a cna

Q&A With an Expert About Your Child's Developmental Progress

Q&A with an expert about your child's developmental progress
A. There are many reasons why your child could benefit from therapy, including: injury rehab, pain management, sensory concerns, delays in skills such as crawling, walking, dressing, and grasping, difficulty with eating and swallowing, speech delay …
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What Happens in Rehab?

Question by K<3A 2315: What happens in rehab?
My boyfriend has gone to rehab for 30 days. I know the idea of rehab, and it was more of his choice then being forced. But for him i wonder if it will help. He huffs, which is deadly, but will rehab give him new skills to cope with things or just try to break the addiction while hes there. I’ve never been to rehab, but what are the bests things I can do to support him when he’s out? He’s only 17, and needed the help. But is there anything I can do for him? Also, anyone who’s gone through rehab, can you tell me what its like? I’m straight edge, so I know thats a good example for him, but what else can I do other then be there for him?
He’s only going for 30 days because insurance will only pay for 30. and his case worker said he would only need 30-45 days. I’m not sure how they base it. its a youth rehab center.

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Answer by peanut 2
If he is only going for 30 days it probably wont help too much. They will just keep him off it for the 30 days and teach him ways of trying to resist temptation.

Rob Ford Never Made It to Rehab in Chicago

Rob Ford never made it to rehab in Chicago
The crack-smoking Canadian never made it to rehab in Chicago and his whereabouts are still unknown, the Toronto Globe and Mail reported on Tuesday. Ford flew to the Windy City on Thursday after announcing plans to check into a drug treatment center.
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