What Is Rehab?

Question by rb 14: what is rehab?
i mean i wanna know abut rehab what is this place or thing

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Answer by JenH-RN
generally a place u go to become detoxified (get rid of toxins) within your system
for example drug users cant usually just quit cold turkey bc there are side effects- if they go to a rehab there may be alternatives available to help the negative effects be less severe

Physical Therapy Assistant?

Question by anna k: physical Therapy Assistant?
I would like to be a Physical Therapist.
But Before Physical Therapist I would like to be a Physical Therapy assistant in California.
After Physical Therapy Assistant Can I work in private Clinic during 5yrs and than Can I challenge the Physical Therapist Licence Exam? or Do I have to go to the university again and than I have to Take the Licence Exam?
Also How much Can I earn per month if I am a Physical Therapy Assistant?

What Are Some Signs of Heroin Use? (Snorting)?

Question by kel5204: what are some signs of heroin use? (snorting)?
My boyfriend snorts heroin, and claims he has stopped, and has checked into rehab. What are some signs I can look out for? Symptoms of use, behavior, and personality changes? He snorts so I will not see track marks. Please help.

Troubled Olympian Grant Hackett Back at Work as Bank Executive a Month After Returning From His US Drug Rehab

Troubled Olympian Grant Hackett back at work as bank executive a month after returning from his US drug rehab
Troubled former Olympic swimmer Grant Hackett has returned to work as an executive at Australia’s largest bank, Westpac, a month after he completed rehabilitation at a US clinic for his addiction to the sleeping drug Stilnox. The gold medallist looked …
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Accelerated Physical Therapy Celebrates Grand Opening of New, Multifaceted

Accelerated Physical Therapy celebrates grand opening of new, multifaceted
The Accelerated Center is a brand new sports and events facility, featuring 72,000-square-feet of turf field, a full size gymnasium and a full service Accelerated Physical Therapy clinic. The Accelerated clinic offers the community on-site …
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