What Exactly Do You Mean by 12 Step Programs on Drug Rehabilitation?

Question by abbie ln: What exactly do you mean by 12 Step Programs on drug rehabilitation?
I’ve been hearing about these programs but I don’t really understand them and how they can help people cope with drug addiction. Please enlighten me.. Thanks.

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Answer by Amachi
Its a proven process that help committed people clear out their addictions. It doesn’t have to be drugs, it can be alcohol or anything else they are addicted to. The main thing they do is try to find the problem that is causing your addiction. Like maybe there was a tragic family accident or you just lost your job. Its a kind of therapeutic session that helps find and solve sub-conscience problems that cause addictions. However, if you are not committed and you go down the wrong path for even a step, you will probably be forced to start a large part of it over. Its also a test of will to see if you are really ready to stop.

Answer by nursemom
Google a twelve step program. For drug addicts it’s NA or Narcotics Anonymous. The original twelve step program was founded by a man named Bill W (that’s all you get) and it was Alcoholics Anonymous, but lots of other twelve step programs were born from that, as the twelve steps to recovery are the same no matter what your addiction is. And it works, if you’re willing to do it.

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