What States Offer a Masters in Physical Therapy?

Question by lordofthesithlordvader: What states offer a masters in physical therapy?
Im a current student at The University of Akron and I have been emailing other grad schools around me and they are all saying that they dont offer a masters for physical therapy. This one lady i emailed said “It is a requirement that all PT Programs transition to offering a DPT so there are only a handful of programs- mostly in California- that offer the MPT degree. All Ohio PT programs offer a DPT degree.?”
Dont you think that all states would offer this degree since it seems like this field is growing?

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Answer by R.F.
Here’s a list of all the accredited PT schools:


If you click on the codes listed after the schools, it brings up the legend key.
“D5” are Master programs.
“D6” are Doctorate programs.

The person you talked to is correct. It looks like all Ohio PT programs are doctorate and there are a few Cal State schools with Master’s programs. The list shows most PT programs are doctorate.

A Master’s program may be faster and easier than a Doctorate, but consider if most PT’s will have doctorates, you’ll have a harder time competing with them for jobs.

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