Have You or Someone You’re Close to Been to a Residental Drug Rehab That They’d Recommend?

Question by SHELTIELUVER: Have you or someone you’re close to been to a residental drug rehab that they’d recommend?
I really need to get into a place but I have no insurance and I’m not working. My parents are willing to help but can only afford around $ 10,000 at the most for a 30 day program. I want to go somewhere very reputable with a caring staff and that is a nice place (it doesn’t have to be a luxury place, just somewhere clean and in a relaxing environment). I wanted to go somewhere that had a gym so I could get back into shape because I think that you need to learn to take care of your mind, spirit, and body in recovery. I’ve asked this question several times before and people were really mean so don’t bother answering if you can’t say anything helpful. I am very serious about getting better and haven’t used anything in over a week already!

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Since you have managed to stay clean for the past week, you may not need a residential treatment program. What you need to do is contact a local substance abuse program, and enroll yourself into an outpatient program. If you continue to use after that, then they can recommend a residential program. You may also be eligible for grants and other funding sources since you don’t have insurance.

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