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Rehab for Heroin/marijuana Addicts?

Question by duckE: Rehab for heroin/marijuana addicts?
My cousin has pissed all our family against him but me he’s gone to rehab like 3 different times when he lived with his dad 6 years ago was last time but there really was no one pulling/supporting him not even his parents then he’s been living at grandmas but pushed her to her limits so my grandma has told all her kids to promise not get sucked in as he will just steal and go get more drugs but no one during his 2 year stay here has even attempted talk to him about rehab he’s been kicked out of grandmas house no money no job no idea where he’s staying I’m only 19 parents say he can’t stay here with us but will help him in any other way and now no ones heard from him never been through this so what do i do? invite to dinner figure something out with him talk it through? we live in Texas any rehabs you know of? know anybody been through the program does visitors help? Should we get a intervention specialist whose been through it all? I know its long Q I’m just scared that while he’s down and out he will be totally unsafe all those bad needle stories i don’t know just really freaking out here he’s always been my favorite cuz way to sweet to give up on!

What Is a Community Health Center?

What is a Community Health Center? — Think you know about Community Health Centers? Our new animated video shows you all the reasons why Community Health Centers are doing what’s right for Hawaii!

Accelerated Physical Therapy Celebrates Grand Opening of New, Multifaceted

Accelerated Physical Therapy celebrates grand opening of new, multifaceted
The Accelerated Center is a brand new sports and events facility, featuring 72,000-square-feet of turf field, a full size gymnasium and a full service Accelerated Physical Therapy clinic. The Accelerated clinic offers the community on-site …
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Methodist Rehab’s Brain Injury Team Helps Kala Harvey Reclaim Her Life

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Pain Management Clinics Medical Course

Pain Management Clinics Medical Course — For Educational Use Only – Fair Use – The Doctors Investigative Reporter Melanie Woodrow uncovers the startling statistics on how many addicts are acquiring …