Rehab for Heroin/marijuana Addicts?

Question by duckE: Rehab for heroin/marijuana addicts?
My cousin has pissed all our family against him but me he’s gone to rehab like 3 different times when he lived with his dad 6 years ago was last time but there really was no one pulling/supporting him not even his parents then he’s been living at grandmas but pushed her to her limits so my grandma has told all her kids to promise not get sucked in as he will just steal and go get more drugs but no one during his 2 year stay here has even attempted talk to him about rehab he’s been kicked out of grandmas house no money no job no idea where he’s staying I’m only 19 parents say he can’t stay here with us but will help him in any other way and now no ones heard from him never been through this so what do i do? invite to dinner figure something out with him talk it through? we live in Texas any rehabs you know of? know anybody been through the program does visitors help? Should we get a intervention specialist whose been through it all? I know its long Q I’m just scared that while he’s down and out he will be totally unsafe all those bad needle stories i don’t know just really freaking out here he’s always been my favorite cuz way to sweet to give up on!

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Answer by shelby
Heroin is hands down the hardest drug for any person to quit. It’s not like marijuana where it’s not actually addictive, heroin can make someone physically addicted after only one time. Do you know for sure hes using needles? There are different types of heroin and different ways people use it to get high (needles, smoke it, snort it, etc). Either way, heroin will ultimately lead this poor boy to his death. The best thing you all can do is schedule an intervention. An intervention does not necessarily mean you need a specialist. Your family is right now allowing him to live in the home or provide him money as it would just be enabling him to continue doing the drug. Get your family in on this, everyone write a letter about why you want him to get treatment (make sure you all have a facility and rehab program set up for him already to where all he would need to do is walk in). Invite him over to dinner, it is very important he does not suspect an intervention (have family park a street away where he won’t see all of the cars). When he arrives sit him down and have everyone read their thoughts to him. This process can be emotional for all involved but it is necessary. If he does not realize what he is doing to his body, health, life and loved ones he may never get help. It is VERY important that if he agrees to go to treatment you all leave and take him RIGHT THEN. Do not give him a day or even an hour to think about it, just go. 99% of the time the person will run and change their mind if given extra time. When taken immediately they usually complete the program. Now, understand- if your cousin does not want to help himself there is nothing you all can do but to continue with your normal lives. Unfortunately for an addict they have to want to get the help otherwise it’s a lost cause – the intervention and your letters will be what make him hopefully want to get help. now, if on the way to the facility he wants one last high do not deny it to him. I am not saying this to support his habit but strictly for his life- if he came there unexpecting this and hadn’t done it in say 2-3 hours going into rehab where he will not be able to touch it could cause early withdrawl and withdrawl of heroin will indeed kill a person. You do not want him withdrawling on the way to rehab. If he wants one last hoorah, allow him to. Please understand this is a physical and mental dependence and although you may not understand rehab for the first week (going through withdrawl) is going to be physically painful for him, cause him to be sicker than he ever has been, and he may indeed feel like he’s dying. Although he is not, rehab will give him the proper medical attention to detox and withdrawl safely. Good luck, god bless.

Answer by Chas
Rehab only works when people have made up their mind to quit,, no one thing changes that,, people learn to use addiction as a crutch. When you bottom out you re-think your life,,, no person ever stops if they don’t want to,, having all the support in the world makes no difference if he is not committed to saying no,, it really is that simple,, all the rehab stuff is a money deal,,, all he has to do is decide on his own.

No one gets addicted to marijuana,, but heroin is hell. Tell him just to stop,, he will wish he was never born when he goes into withdrawls,, anyone that hasn’t been thru that has no idea,,, you wish you ha never been born,, there is nothing I’ve been thru in my life that is even close,, and I have a broken neck so I’ve been in pain before,, but nothing like being dope sick

And marijuana has nothing to do with it,,, it is NOT addictive,, that is a myth,, ask any medical marijuana patient

No matter what anyone writes unless they have been a heroin addict they have no idea what it is like

I’m an ex-heroin addict and have been around drugs/dopers all my life,,,

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