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Have You or Someone You’re Close to Been to a Residental Drug Rehab That They’d Recommend?

Question by SHELTIELUVER: Have you or someone you’re close to been to a residental drug rehab that they’d recommend?
I really need to get into a place but I have no insurance and I’m not working. My parents are willing to help but can only afford around $ 10,000 at the most for a 30 day program. I want to go somewhere very reputable with a caring staff and that is a nice place (it doesn’t have to be a luxury place, just somewhere clean and in a relaxing environment). I wanted to go somewhere that had a gym so I could get back into shape because I think that you need to learn to take care of your mind, spirit, and body in recovery. I’ve asked this question several times before and people were really mean so don’t bother answering if you can’t say anything helpful. I am very serious about getting better and haven’t used anything in over a week already!

Bain Capital's Grip on Addiction – the Profit of 12-Step Treatment

Bain Capital's grip on addiction – The profit of 12-step treatment
But rarely do substance abuse treatment centers mention medical, psychological or pharmaceutical approaches to treatment; instead visitors to websites are almost always greeted with the words, "We are a 12-step based program." Tweet. Print version; + – …
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Drugs How Many Kinds Are There?

Question by emm99: drugs how many kinds are there?
How many different kinds of drugs are there?

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Answer by Je t’aime
?Common Drug Types
There are many different types of drugs you should be aware of. Some are prescribed, others are known as club drugs, illicit or illegal substances, and some are called designers drugs. They include:

What Is Rehab?

Question by rb 14: what is rehab?
i mean i wanna know abut rehab what is this place or thing

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Answer by JenH-RN
generally a place u go to become detoxified (get rid of toxins) within your system
for example drug users cant usually just quit cold turkey bc there are side effects- if they go to a rehab there may be alternatives available to help the negative effects be less severe

Professional Inpatient Drug Rehab Center 855-412-1557

Professional Inpatient Drug Rehab Center 855-412-1557 — Call 855-412-1557 for more info about our inpatient drug rehab treatment system. Our inpatient rehab center is one of the most effective and luxurious drug a…