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WKYT Investigates: The Suboxone Dilemma

WKYT Investigates: The Suboxone dilemma
I abused Suboxone," said a man finishing up his rehabilitation at Chad's Hope in Manchester. He said he started using drugs when he was … I was taking anywhere between seven to eight Percocet 30's a day," she said. "I just wanted something better for …
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Middle Georgia Provides Updated Medical Facilities, Services

Middle Georgia provides updated medical facilities, services
Coliseum Medical Centers, a 258-bed facility, offers a 24-hour emergency room, inpatient and outpatient surgery options, rehabilitation programs and diagnostic services. The hospital recently opened a new electrophysiology lab featuring six admitting …
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Research! Please Help! – Heart Disease Question.?

Question by MD: Research! please help! – Heart Disease question.?
Ok, I need this answered for my research. I need support services for Heart Disease. Who can we go to to help us if we have heart disease? who can we go to if we want to prevent heart disease?

Is There Some Where I Can Have My Mom Admitted to Get Help?

Question by Amandalynn: Is there some where I can have my mom admitted to get help?
She is an extreme addict and has a very addictive personality….she is a raging alcoholic and constantly smokes marijuana….amongst all of this I have 3 siblings still at home and I am very far away and fear for their safety and was hoping there was some place that she could be admitted that isn’t expensive…there is way more to this story but Im really not wanting to write a book on here…lol…someone please help

Eating Disorder Treatment at the Center

Eating Disorder Treatment At The Center

Eating Disorder Center of Denver's Dr. Pryor Contributes Opinion to New Book
Eating Disorders, Addictions and Substance Use Disorders, a recently released book featuring renowned experts in the eating disorder field, explores research, clinical understanding and treatment of eating disorders, as well as integrative assessment …
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