Is There Some Where I Can Have My Mom Admitted to Get Help?

Question by Amandalynn: Is there some where I can have my mom admitted to get help?
She is an extreme addict and has a very addictive personality….she is a raging alcoholic and constantly smokes marijuana….amongst all of this I have 3 siblings still at home and I am very far away and fear for their safety and was hoping there was some place that she could be admitted that isn’t expensive…there is way more to this story but Im really not wanting to write a book on here…lol…someone please help

Best answer:

Answer by Michele
Unfortunately you cannot have anyone commited unless they agree. This is a difficult situation for you since you are not near them.

You will need to make a serious decision about your mom regarding the safety and well being of the minor children in the home. Can you call another relative or friend in her area? If not you may have to call child welfare as a last resort to keep the children safe.

Answer by Jonathan
Hate to say this but sometimes it is best to turn her in to the authorities. She can get help there because there are programs available to deal with this sort of thing. Judges often send people into treatment programs so they can get the help they need.

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