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What Exactly Do You Mean by 12 Step Programs on Drug Rehabilitation?

Question by abbie ln: What exactly do you mean by 12 Step Programs on drug rehabilitation?
I’ve been hearing about these programs but I don’t really understand them and how they can help people cope with drug addiction. Please enlighten me.. Thanks.

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Manatee Girl Showing 'Grace' Under Pressure of Painful Arthritis

Manatee girl showing 'Grace' under pressure of painful arthritis
Grace said Thursday that she is excited to walk in the dual 5K/1-mile event sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation, which begins at 9 a.m. May 17 at Payne Park, 2050 Adams Lane, Sarasota. If she can't … Despite aggressive treatment that include …
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Q&A With an Expert About Your Child's Developmental Progress

Q&A with an expert about your child's developmental progress
A. There are many reasons why your child could benefit from therapy, including: injury rehab, pain management, sensory concerns, delays in skills such as crawling, walking, dressing, and grasping, difficulty with eating and swallowing, speech delay …
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What Are Some Signs of Heroin Use? (Snorting)?

Question by kel5204: what are some signs of heroin use? (snorting)?
My boyfriend snorts heroin, and claims he has stopped, and has checked into rehab. What are some signs I can look out for? Symptoms of use, behavior, and personality changes? He snorts so I will not see track marks. Please help.

Find Boleo Alcohol Abuse Treatment in Topeka, Kansas?

Question by [email protected]: Find boleo alcohol abuse treatment in Topeka, Kansas?

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Answer by Mister Nice Guy
I’ve heard of ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, iso-propyl alcohol and iso tert butyl alcohol, but never BOLEO ALCOHOL.

Answer by Bill & Diana S
There’s a list of alcohol/drug abuse treatment centers in northeast Kansas here: