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Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment for Drug Addiction?

Question by KayleaF: Inpatient or outpatient treatment for drug addiction?
For a heroin addiction, is rehab more effective to get clean than any outpatient treatment?

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How to I Get a Court Order to Have My Son Attend a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center?

Question by jamie: how to i get a court order to have my son attend a drug and alcohol treatment center?
My son who is 17 has a drinking problem. I found two big bottles of vodka in his room and vodka concealed in water bottles in his refrigerator. I have found a treatment center in the area that I have made an appointment with but my son refuses to go saying he doesn’t have a problem. The treatment center said I might have to get a Court order issued. How do I go about doing that if I can’t convince my son to go.

Are Inpatient Treatment Centers Only Beneficial for Alcoholics Who Drink Everyday?

Question by jen: Are inpatient treatment centers only beneficial for alcoholics who drink everyday?
Someone I know has a problem and his wife wants him to go to a rehab-like place. He claims it won’t help him because he falls off the wagon more like monthly and doesn’t drink daily. Is that ridiculous or realistic?
He probably drinks more than once a month, but it’s catastrophic every month or two–wrecking cars, spending all the family’s $ , not coming home at all, etc.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers – Why They Are Proven NOT to Work

Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers – Why They Are Proven NOT to Work — drug and alcohol treatment centers alcohol withdrawal treatment addiction recovery program outpatient alcohol treatment What if i…

How Long Does the Drug Crystal Meth Stay in a Persons System?

Question by Crystal: how long does the drug crystal meth stay in a persons system?

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Answer by lindaorion
Not long enough.

Answer by jeligula
3 days to a week. But it stays in your head for a lifetime.