How to I Get a Court Order to Have My Son Attend a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center?

Question by jamie: how to i get a court order to have my son attend a drug and alcohol treatment center?
My son who is 17 has a drinking problem. I found two big bottles of vodka in his room and vodka concealed in water bottles in his refrigerator. I have found a treatment center in the area that I have made an appointment with but my son refuses to go saying he doesn’t have a problem. The treatment center said I might have to get a Court order issued. How do I go about doing that if I can’t convince my son to go.

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Answer by aanglea
talk to his physician & your attorney. see what qualifications are required by your insurance company.

Answer by ron
Little will be gained until he admits he has a problem,

Why do you feel he has a problem, are his grades bad, has he been truant, running away, passing out, etc. or is it only that you found a few bottles.

In many states you can petition the court for a PINS ( person in need of supervision ) designation,
often through family court ( not criminal ) and they may be able to mandate treatment.

If he gets arrested, criminal court may be able to make it a condition of sentencing.

But you need to speak to someone that can help you determine whether he has a problem or if your over-reacting. Someone more objective. Also make yourself aware of what out-patient treatment is available in your area in case that is a better option. Reach out to school counselors, clergy, etc

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