My Boyfriend Is in an Acute Care Rehab Hospital?

Question by featherjack: my boyfriend is in an acute care rehab hospital?
he had 2 failed hip replacement surgeries, and got a really bad staph infection. he has no right hip at present. the acute care facility wants to discharge him to my house. he needs antibiotic injections every 4 hrs, is in much pain, cannot use right foot at all (right hip will be out until infection is cured (about another 4 weeks) and then another 6 weeks of strengthening physical therapy exercises. then he will get the new (3rd) hip replacement put in. after that, he will need physical therapy.
i am afraid to have him at home now, because i do not think it is safe. he outweighs me by more than 100 lbs, and the iv antibiotic injections must be given every 4 hrs., round the clock. he dreads going to a nursing home, where the care is very poor, the physical therapy is minimal, the homes are very understaffed.
much as i would love to have him at home, i do not think i am capable of caring for him. i’m not strong (can lift a max of 10 lbs. and have a torn meniscus in my right knee.
i think i am going to have to tell him i can not let him come home until the antibiotic injections are finished and the infection is totally cured. i think i could handle it if he then came home….with wheelchair and walker. (he cannot put any pressure on his right leg because he has no hip). but he cries when i mention the nursing home. i am trying to get the acute care rehab hospital to keep him till the infection is completely gone. that makes sense to me. it takes 2 attendants to move him from bed to walker to bathroom, or to wheelchair. in our local nursing homes, instead of taking patients to the bathroom when they need to go, they prefer that they soil themselves in bed and then get changed. it’s an ugly situation.
any ideas on how to convince the acute care hospital to keep him at least till the infection is cured???
this is heartbreaking. i don’t want to disappoint him. he cries, and he’s NOT a whiner. but i don’t think he will be same at home yet.
thank you for any and all ideas.

Best answer:

Answer by Pooky™
He needs home health nurse – has that been discussed with him?

Answer by Ashley
Does his insurance cover home rehab where a skilled nurse could come to your house for a while for him? Or are his finances able to pay for a home care/rehab program? Check into that. He doesn’t want to me in a place full of strangers =( And if he had to go wouldn’t you be able to visit him a lot and pester the nurses?

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