Physical Therapy Aide… a Few Questions About the Job?

Question by Sir Guitarist: Physical Therapy Aide… a few questions about the job?
I’m an exercise physiology student from the University of Massachusetts – Lowell. I’m very interested in pursuing a career as a doctor in physical therapy in the future. I figured that I would start learning more about the field through a physical therapy aide job.

As a physical therapist, how would you like a student present himself or herself asking for a job? Do you like it when he or she asks straight out if there is a PT aide job, or would you like a full introduction of themselves? Would you recommend a resume? This is my first PT aide job. I did have some medical experience (volunteer job) at a cancer center. Give me as much information about this!!

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Most physical therapists are not in the direct position of hiring people unless they are the owner or manager of a clinic. Most facilities (extended care facilities, hospitals etc) have a human resourses department that would be more than obliged to answer your questions about any positions available. They would be the ones to which to send your resume.

If you are familiar with a clinic, however, I would recommend talking to the owner or manager. Give a BRIEF introduction to youself and state a reason why you are there: “Hello, my name is __________, I am hoping to become a physical therapist and I am interested in employment as a PT technician. Do you have any positions available?” Remember that these are busy professionals and a long-winded introduction may be a turn off. I do, however, recommend a resume as a professional gesture. I would include your volunteer experience.

If you cannot be hired as a tech, I’d at least recommend you take that opportunity to request to complete some volunteer and observation hours…this is required of all PT programs…with a minimum of 50 hours required at most programs.

Good luck

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