Are Inpatient Treatment Centers Only Beneficial for Alcoholics Who Drink Everyday?

Question by jen: Are inpatient treatment centers only beneficial for alcoholics who drink everyday?
Someone I know has a problem and his wife wants him to go to a rehab-like place. He claims it won’t help him because he falls off the wagon more like monthly and doesn’t drink daily. Is that ridiculous or realistic?
He probably drinks more than once a month, but it’s catastrophic every month or two–wrecking cars, spending all the family’s $ , not coming home at all, etc.

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Answer by jag m
if a person drinks once a month and creates problem, rehab is not the place, psychiatric consultation room is the place

Answer by Crackalyn from beyond the grave
It depends on what you define as a “problem” drinker. If it’s monthly (you weren’t totally specific on how often) it doesn’t sound like a problem, but if it is excessive and he gets mean or abusive when drunk, I think an inpatient program might work, but there are other options like outpatient treatment (where he goes into the place for an hour or two every week or however often they want him to). They will at the very least give him ideas for how to stop drinking or what to do instead.

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