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Alcoholism Treatment Center Anaheim

Alcoholism Treatment Center Anaheim — When you discover you have a problem with alcohol, you don’t have to endur…

Beeville Alcoholism Helpline Takes Measures to Expand the Lives of Addicts
LIGHTNING RELEASES 04/21/14 –How do you help a person who desperately needs help with a serious drug and alcohol substance abuse? Put them in touch with a legitimate addiction rehab facility, that's how! The Beeville Alcoholism Treatment Helpline …
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Ajman: GMU Hosts National Conference on Rehabilitation Practice

Ajman: GMU hosts national conference on rehabilitation practice
Eminent speakers from the UAE delivered lectures on the recent advances in rehabilitation practice in core areas of neurological aspects of postural control, pain modulation, cardiac rehabilitation, core stability, dry needling and Kinesio taping …

NJ Officials Grant St. Luke's Hospital in Phillipsburg First Approvals to

NJ officials grant St. Luke's Hospital in Phillipsburg first approvals to
St. Luke's administrators today cleared a regulatory obstacle to closing the 16-bed inpatient behavioral health unit at their Phillipsburg hospital after detailing their plans to state officials in Trenton. Warren County mental health advocates … Dr …
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Drug Treatment Program Changes Rochester Man's Life

Drug treatment program changes Rochester man's life
According to Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge, the program offers recovery services including, intensive residential and outpatient treatment plans, extensive aftercare programs and prevention programs for middle and high school students.
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Alcohol Poisoning, Still Dizzy, Headache, and Exhaustion?

Question by : Alcohol poisoning, still dizzy, headache, and exhaustion?
I’m pretty sure I got alcohol poisoning on Friday. I was vomiting for a good 12 hours straight with diarrhea and was laid out till Sunday night with what felt like the stomach flu.
I had to go back to work on Monday. But I still get horrible headaches and dizziness along with exhaustion most of the day
I can’t stand long without getting light headed