What Is Rehab?

Question by rb 14: what is rehab?
i mean i wanna know abut rehab what is this place or thing

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Answer by JenH-RN
generally a place u go to become detoxified (get rid of toxins) within your system
for example drug users cant usually just quit cold turkey bc there are side effects- if they go to a rehab there may be alternatives available to help the negative effects be less severe

Answer by paul_carlston
rehab is an abbreviated word for rehabilitation, either the place like “rehabilitation center” can be rehab or person can be on rehab,that means that a person undergoes rehablitation treatment for drugs, alcohol,etc.

How rehab centers help ex-inmates — Parole and Probation Administration also extends its help and guidance to former inmates through counseling and livelihood training; medical, educational and…

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