Physical Therapy Assistant?

Question by anna k: physical Therapy Assistant?
I would like to be a Physical Therapist.
But Before Physical Therapist I would like to be a Physical Therapy assistant in California.
After Physical Therapy Assistant Can I work in private Clinic during 5yrs and than Can I challenge the Physical Therapist Licence Exam? or Do I have to go to the university again and than I have to Take the Licence Exam?
Also How much Can I earn per month if I am a Physical Therapy Assistant?

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Answer by turtle girl
Go to your local library and ask the reference desk staff for a career outlook book…you can look up any job, really, and find out all about it….including average salary

Answer by cdptqt
You need to complete the whole schooling to transition from PTA to PT. There is one program I know of in the country that specifically caters to those wishing to make the transition. Unfortunately, it is in Ohio.

The PTA program does not require as much chemistry, physics, biology and math as the PT program does. You would need to take about an extra year or two of classes just to meet the prerequisites…and that doesn’t include the requirements to finish your bachelor’s degree program.

The PTA program focuses primarily on exercise science whereas the PT program focuses much more on examination techniques, differential diasnosis (how to problem solve to figure out what is wrong), evidence based practice, pharmacology, radiology and research (in addition to exercise science). One of my classmates became a PTA before going to PT school and she stated that her education as a PTA did almost nothing to prepare her to go to PT school…although she never was employed as a PTA. If you worked for 5years, you’d have a much greater basis for completing PT school.

Salary varies greatly between states, settings and demand. According to Advance PT magazine the AVERAGE salary for a PT ranges between $ 60,128-$ 52,832 a year.
Wheras the PTA’s AVERAGE ranges between $ 38,952- $ 27,316 a year.

Considering it takes two years to get the PTA degree, and then an additional 5-6 to complete the PT, it’s probably worth it to just go for the PT if you can swing it financially!

Best wishes.

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