What Is a Teritary Pain Clinic?

Question by vicki: What is a Teritary pain clinic?
Specialist says I should go to a Tertiary pain clinic.

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Answer by af
I believe it’s when they cannot treat the primary cause of your pain, they just have to treat the symptoms themselves

Answer by VA
Tertiary care is medicine that’s oriented towards helping people become more functional with the pain or disability that they have already developed due to disease or injury, rather than trying to cure the underlying problem causing those symptoms.

In other words, your specialist thinks that you should see a pain clinic not for a diagnosis or to fix the underlying problem, but just to help you with your pain.

The pain clinic might prescribe a regimen of pain killers for you, or they can help you explore other pain relief options, like acupuncture, a TENS unit, or cortisone shots. Sometimes they’ll also recommend therapy, not because they think that you’re crazy or that the pain is “all in your head,” but because pain and the lifestyle changes it requires are just really, really hard to cope with, and it can sometimes help to work on learning new methods of dealing with the kind of social and cognitive problems that start to come up when you’re in pain all the time.

The staff of pain clinics have specialized in pain medicine and pain relief. Specialists like neurologists and surgeons don’t often have that same training, so they want you to see the specialists who do.

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